Bind9 DDNS

At Server Side:

apt install bind9

Generate an account named username1

# dnssec-keygen -a HMAC-SHA512 -b 512 -n USER username1

You will have such as new files Kusername1.+165+42799.key in currently folder

Show the key in the file

# cat Kusername1.+165+42799.key
calvincarol. IN KEY 0 3 165 Um1GdfXXYTUIBSvsl+rFErq+XhqUMB0JffM4qdmNq3XHiF9Rq9Uirvnu ZvsrSU836Xn8rJTmbpIYMe6WrGuznA==

At the key & domain config to bind, also-notify is the second DNS Server IP

# vi /etc/bind/vi named.conf.default-zones

key "username1" {
algorithm hmac-sha512;
secret "Um1GdfXXYTUIBSvsl+rFErq+XhqUMB0JffM4qdmNq3XHiF9Rq9Uirvnu ZvsrSU836Xn8rJTmbpIYMe6WrGuznA==";

zone "" IN {
type master;
file "/var/cache/bind/";
also-notify {; };
update-policy { grant username1 name A; };

At Client Side:

apt install bind9

Copy the key file to client side

vi /root/do-nsupdate

CURRENT_IP=$(nslookup $updateDomain $updateServer| grep Address | grep -v "#53")

EXT_IP=$(wget -qO- $checkIPWeb)

if [ $CURRENT_IP != $EXT_IP ]; then

cat <<EOF | nsupdate -k "$KEY"
server $updateServer
update delete $updateDomain. A
update add $updateDomain. 3600 A $EXT_IP

chmod 755 /root/do-nsupdate

vi /etc/crontab
0 * * * * root /root/do-nsupdate

Veeam B&R restore Physical SQL cluster server to ESXi for UAT environment

This lab will use local disk for Quorum not share disk, and just restore 1 cluster hosts let SQL online

Remark: if we want to auto start cluster, we need to restore AD to UAT environment or using a script to start without quorum.

Export disk to VMDK

Our lab don't need Q: and F:

We can found restored to our ESXi UAT environment

Add A new VM using existing disk

Delete default "Hard disk 1", and add existing disk just restored.

Our phyical server using EFI bios

Power On windows and we can see the cluster can't startup

Type below command to startup without Quorum disk

net.exe stop clussvc
net.exe start clussvc /forcequorum

Delete Cluster disk.

If we don't delete it, we can't let the disk online in "Disk Management"

Make the SQL data disk online

Reconfig the IP

Click "Start Role" to let SQL Server online

We can see SQL is Running now

But it can't auto start after reboot server, we need to config Quorum

Delete the old one, because Quorum can't online in local disk

Create a SMB share

This step need AD to authenticate